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Connect multiple CR300-WIFI to CR6-WIFI with RV50X cell modem

XxVashxX Sep 6, 2022 12:42 AM

Hello im curius about this type of connection, i want to install some CR300-WIFI (Clients) in the field that collect data and make a network to a CR6-WIFI (Acces point), no problem for now, but i want to connect a RV50X to Ethernet Port on CR6 so i have internet acces in this point (IP for RV50X will be private and dynamic), so maybe have 2 networks (Wifi dataloggers and Ethernet on CR6) so im wondering if i have internet acces on Ethernet port of CR6 can i provide internet access also to the CR300s-WIFI connected to the CR6 Wifi acces point?, what would be the recomendations to mix both networks in CR6?

Thank you for any comments

nsw Sep 7, 2022 11:23 AM

Hello. This should be possible as long as you are using LoggerNet to connect to the CR6 and CR300 dataloggers. Using LoggerNet, it will use the PakBus protocol and the CR6 can be setup to route the PakBus packets to and from the CR300-WiFi dataloggers due to each device having a unique PakBus address in your small network.

By far the simplest way to set this all up is to use the "Network Planner" tool which comes with LoggerNet. 

With regards to recommendations : if your CR6 is very busy already, then adding these routes could cause it to slow or not service the routes at the speed you would hope for. Plus the amount of data to be retrieved from the CR300 dataloggers and how often, needs to be taken in to account.

An alternative would be to use the CR6 as a data accumulator from the CR300's and then extract all the data direct from that one datalogger. The CR300 datalogger programs can be setup to transfer data to the CR6 using PakBus.

If you are not using LoggerNet to connect to the CR6 and CR300 dataloggers, then I guess you will not be using the PakBus protocol. In this case, the CR6 cannot act as an Ethernet Router, which would be what you are trying to do. 

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