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problem with "the datalogger's PakBus address is 4095"

Tomek Jan 28, 2022 09:34 AM

Hi everyone, someone knows, how to resolve the problem with the CR310 logger who at connecting moment logger-computer show message "the datalogger's PakBus address is 4095"???? I can't connect to datalogger.  I don't have the strength for this logger anymore. Tomek

jtrauntvein Jan 31, 2022 03:57 PM

The PakBus address is defined as having 12 bits so the maximum value for that address is 4095.  This last value is defined as a broadcast address meaning that, if a packet is sent to that address, all devices that receive it would respond regardless of their own address.  For that reason, a value of 4095 cannot be assigned to the datalogger inside of devconfig nor will loggernet allow you to use it in the setup screen.

If you don't know what the datalogger's PakBus address is, then you can use the device configuration utility to connect to it and can see the address there as one of the datalogger's settings.  LoggerNet also has a search feature on the "New PakBus Nodes" tab for the PakBus port type device that will allow you to search the link for PakBus devices.

Tomek May 5, 2022 12:30 PM

Previously, I did not have such problems with the recorder and PakBus. And I started many years ago with CR7 and CR10...
It was a working logger for half a year, in the field, without any problems. I had to take it off because logger didn't responding, I couldn't read the data and I didn't want to lose it. Unfortunately, it didn't work without losing data.
After many tests, with the original Cambell's cables and others, with forced COM on a Windows 10 computer - I took the battery out of the logger, changed the firmware, and it worked. For now, logger came back to work in difficult mountainous terrain.



mikasa Sep 14, 2023 08:46 AM

You need to disconnect the power source from the logger and wait for a few fnf minutes. Reconnect the power source and see if the logger resets to a default address.

Annata20 Sep 19, 2023 09:23 AM

Verify that the PakBus network configuration settings on the logger are correct. Ensure that the logger is set to the appropriate network and that there are no conflicts with other devices on the same network.

ApolloTurner Apr 9, 2024 03:59 AM

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guccichicken May 9, 2024 01:40 AM

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