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invalid or missing parameter - Wind Data

jworen Dec 13, 2021 06:28 PM


I'm trying to output max wind speed and direction (15-minute intervals) in the data tables using the aliases below.  

Maximum (1,wind_speed,FP2,0)
Maximum (1,Secondary_Wind_Speed_Maximum_2min,FP2,0)
Maximum (1,Secondary_Wind_Direction_Maximum_2min,FP2,0)
Maximum (1,Secondary_Wind_Speed_Maximum_10min,FP2,0)
Maximum (1,Secondary_Wind_Direction_Maximum_10min,FP2,0)

The table already outputs Average wind speed so I essentially copied the line and changed 'Average' to 'Maximum'. Compile fails and gives 'Invalid or missing parameter.' I'm new at writing these programs so any help with how to correct these would be great!


nsw Dec 15, 2021 02:47 PM


Use the CRBasic Editor with your program. get your cursor on the "Maximum" and right click. Ths opens a prompt window which will show that this instruction requires five parameters inside the brackets. You only have four.

Use the Help in CRBasic to guide you through what you need.

There are also simple to follow videos on our website which will help with programming in CRBasic.

Makada Dec 15, 2021 03:17 PM


Maximum (1,wind_speed,FP2,False,False)


Maximum (1,wind_speed,FP2,False,True) True this will store time of max.

Instead of:

Maximum (1,wind_speed,FP2,0)


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