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CR200X Campbell example program fail to load - Unexpected change in table definitions

maugerir Oct 13, 2021 09:40 AM

Trying to load the example program found in the wxt520 campbell produced manual for the Vaisala WXT520 (hooked up via SDI12 I get this error

Program file send failed:

the datalogger failed to compile the program

11:21:01.276 Warning

"Unexpected change in table definitions"

But I didn't find where the error is.

'CR1000 Series Datalogger
Public PTemp, batt_volt
Public WXT520(7)

'Values are updated internally in the WXT520 every 5 seconds
Alias WXT520(1)=Wdavg
Alias WXT520(2)=Wsavg
Alias WXT520(3)=Airtemp
Alias WXT520(4)=Relhumidity
Alias WXT520(5)=Airpressure
Alias WXT520(6)=Ramount
Alias WXT520(7)=Hamount

Units Wdavg = Degrees
Units Wsavg = m/s
Units Airtemp = Celcius
Units Relhumidity = %
Units Airpressure = hPa
Units Ramount = mm
Units Hamount = hits/cm^2

DataTable (Test,1,-1)
DataInterval (0,60,Sec,10)
Average (5,WXT520(1),IEEE4,False)
Totalize (2,WXT520(6),FP2,False)
Minimum (1,batt_volt,FP2,0,False)
Sample (1,PTemp,FP2)

'Running a 5 second scan to coincide with 5 second
'update interval of the WXT520
Scan (5,Sec,0,0)
PanelTemp (PTemp,250)
Battery (Batt_volt)
'WXT520 connected to SDI12 port 1
SDI12Recorder (WXT520(1),1,0,"R!",1.0,0)
CallTable Test

JDavis Oct 13, 2021 10:02 PM

That example program is for a CR1000X, which has parameters in some instructions that a CR200X cannot handle. If you use CRBasic Editor to copy that code into a new CR200X program, the compiler in the editor can indicate what needs to change.

Another option would be to use ShortCut to generate a new CR200X program.

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