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CR1000 + AW200 + AM16/32B - multiple NTC 2 wire sensors

Bujor.octav Jun 21, 2021 08:01 PM


Since it is my first topic I want to say hy to all. I have curently implemented a campbell system where I monitor without any problems a couple of vibrating wires (with themperature) and some NTC 2 wire sensors. The system I am using is the following:

CR1000 data logger



The problem arises because I may need to use the same system to monitor only NTC sensors (2 wires), more than 32 wich I can measure without a problem with the AVW200 and 2xAM16/32B. Until now I just put the 2 wires of NTC in the 3/4 ports of a AM16/32B channel and get the temperature (as it would do for the NTC inside a vibrating wire, and get NAN on VW measurements).

My questions are the following:

1. Can AVW200 + CR1000 be programmed in such a manner to read 64 NTC sensors (2 wires) with 2 x AM16/32B? In theory the bridge resistor build inside the AVW200 can do the trick, only if the codes behind let this thing happen. I imagine the AVW200() command line in such a manner that it can read only resistance and not vibrating wire.

2. I am not sure I fully understand how can I use 3WHB10K module with CR1000 and AM16/32B to measure the sensors. Do I need a module for each sensors? And how should it be wired? Or I can use the module as the reference one for each sensor?

Thank you!

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