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Data from satelilite stations without PakBus communication in KonectGDS how? Could it work with a Master logger with PakBus...?

Ecomatik_Gois Jun 14, 2021 04:03 PM

Dear all,

I urgently need your help for the following use case:

We are going build up a globally distributed network of measurement stations. Some of them are located outside of the range of cellular network coverage and hence need a satellite modem to transmit their data.

The measurement data of all stations (cellular and satellite)  need to be available in the KonectGDS.

And there is the problem:

As far as I learned from our local CSI support, satellite data transmission (via GOES and METEOSAT) does not support a PakBus communication and hence KonectGDS cannot get the data from the satellite stations…

So, as the satellite stations can only send their data to a specified FTP-server, we are now wondering, if there is any possibility to get their data into the KonectGDS cloud?

In this context there are two questions:


Is it possible to configure a “master”-logger, e.g. a CR1000X with large SD-card, connected in a network which supports PakBus communication (local network, or alternatively equipped with its own cellular modem) which:

a) itself acts as FTP-server. I.e. it receives all the data tables from all remote stations including the satellite stations directly, let’s say in daily tables.


b) gathers the data files from an FTP-server to which all remote stations send their daily data tables.


If either 1a) or 1b) is possible and we are able to receive all data on the master logger, is there any way to this data from all stations to KonectGDS? If the master logger is able to communicate via PakBus it should be possible for the KonectGDS to retrieve data from the master logger. But is it possible for the KonectGDS to retrieve the data tables from the remote loggers which are now stored on the master logger?

OK, I hope there are some answers out there…

Thank you very much…



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