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Counting Low to High & High to Low

tyler.dejonge Jun 4, 2021 03:17 PM

Currently using a CR850 in combination with a proximity switch(+pressure sensors). Wondering if there's a software solution for counting the low to high(0 to 5V) and high to low (5V to 0). I was using pulsecount() and P1 channel but I believe that's more effective in a full low-high-low count.

If not through the pulse channel does anyone suppose I would be able to accomplish this through a Differential channel? Or possibly a different datalogger even? I just wanted to propose this question because in theory it may work just maybe cannot find the right way to do it in CRBasic.

No worries though cause I can work on a different setup in the meantime, just thought this was a question to put forward regardless.

nsw Jun 10, 2021 01:44 PM

There is the "WaitDigTrig" instruction in CRBasic which would probably do what you are looking for. You would need to have the signal connected to two Control ports and have the WaitDigTrig working on both channels, one looking for Low-to-High edge and the other looking for High-to-Low's.

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