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Unable to access CR1000X due to failed program

Daniwenz May 27, 2021 02:27 PM

Something in my CRBasic program is causing CR1000X to restart after compilling. But the problem is it was setted up as 'Run on Power Up', so it entered in a loop state that I cannot stop.

I've tried to resend last OS (05.00), but it doesnt allow the process to finish, returning a message "Send failed: the link failed".

There's a alternative of formatting or stopping datalogger to run its program?

JDavis May 28, 2021 08:35 PM

If you have a CR1000KD keypad, you can skip the program load by holding the DEL key on bootup.

The other option is to put the logger into the failsafe boot loader mode.

1)Disconnect all power, including USB

2)Hold the Eject button

3)Plug in USB

4)Keep holding Eject for 5 seconds, you will see the light change

5)You then have 30 seconds available to start the SendOS process with Device Configuration Utility.

The process will fully erase the memory on the datalogger and put it on factory default settings.

anniesteuber Mar 27, 2024 09:20 AM

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