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Omega PX01 Pressure Transducer to CR1000X Communication

unagidon May 26, 2021 12:29 PM

I'm working on a project that involves monitoring hydraulic jack pressure while tensioning multi-strand rock anchors.  I am using an Omega PX01S1-10KG5T transducer, which gauges pressure up to 10,000 PSI and puts out a 0-5V signal (four wires: + & - in and + & - out).  The transducer requires 24V minimum (calibrated at 28V), so it is powered by a separate supply rather than off of the data collector.  I get accurate signals from the transducer when testing with a hand pump and measuring the output with a multimeter.

For collecting the data we intend to use the CR1000X.  When testing 0-5V with a signal generator using the SE terminals and their ⏚ (I've tested multiple) I get accurate readings from the datalogger with a multimeter.

Now, I've wired the transducer + out to the datalogger SE1 and the transducer - out to ⏚.  Testing with a hand pump and the data collector powered, it looks like everything is working okay.  I get low mV signals that react to the hand pump.  As soon as I power the transducer the readings go to NaN.

I've tried alternating the wires and have tested on different SE terminals and the result has been the same.

Program I'm using for testing: 

'CR1000X Series
'Created by Short Cut (4.3)

'Declare Variables and Units
Public BattV
Public PTemp_C
Public SEVolt

Units BattV=Volts
Units PTemp_C=Deg C
Units SEVolt=mV

'Define Data Tables


'Main Program
  'Main Scan
        'Default CR1000X Datalogger Battery Voltage measurement 'BattV'
	'Default CR1000X Datalogger Wiring Panel Temperature measurement 'PTemp_C'
	'Generic Single-Ended Voltage measurements 'SEVolt'
	'Call Data Tables and Store Data
	CallTable Test
	CallTable Table2


I'm new to all of this and I'm hoping I'm doing something obviously wrong because I'm at a loss at this point.  Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

kirving May 26, 2021 03:37 PM

From the datasheet, the 5Z model has isolated output, but the 5T is not isolated.  Have you referenced the 28V supply ground potential to the datalogger?

torysprandalkkishac Nov 4, 2022 10:14 AM

This post is under review.

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