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CR6 program bilge pump

Paul W. Apr 22, 2021 02:51 PM

Got a question... I have a small bilge pump that can be controlled using a float switch (as the water level rises, the switch completes a circuit and 12 VDC power is supplied to the pump). But, I would like to integrate a CR6 into this circuit to measure how long the pump runs. Can I program the CR6 to supply 5v current excitation through a U channel that runs to one wire on the float switch, and wire the other as a differential measurement using a half bridge, that can trigger the SW12 to on to power the pump on and off? 

JDavis Apr 23, 2021 04:58 PM

I suggest doing PortPairConfig() to turn on the internal pullup for the U channel. Then wiring is just the U channel and a ground. PortGet() will tell you is the switch is open(high) or closed(low).

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