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Compiler crash with structure elements in datatable

Chasper B. Apr 15, 2021 08:07 AM

Hi all, dear Campbell-support

For a station with two IRGASON and two CSAT3B I used the new coding option with structures to store the data. The program I wrote is for a CR6. When I had the following line (and several more of the same syntax) inside a datatable, the compiler crashed.

Average (1,IRGASON_tower2.CO2_dens,IEEE4,NOT(IRGASON_tower2.IrgasonEnable))

The use of repetitions in combination with structure elements (for succeeding values) caused a compiler crash too. Now I removed for a first try the average in the table.

Maybe you can localise the problem or give me a hint, how to avoid this issue.

I'm aware that maybe it wasn't intended for that purpose, but would find that a great option.

Thanks and stay safe, Chasper

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