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Unrealistically high wind gusts

rwc Apr 6, 2021 01:57 PM

Hi everyone:

I'm trying to figure out some oddly high wind gust readings at a couple of weather buoys I maintain that have RM Young 05103 anemometers and CR1000s.  I've posted some plots on imgur:


Those are plots of wind speed vs wind gust, the first two panels are my buoys, the third panel is a nearby NOAA Tide gauge with an anemometer on it, and the fourth panel is a NOAA buoy that's a ways away.  The red line is the 1:1 line.

The NOAA stations have gusts that are generally no more than two or three times the wind speed, that's what I'm used to seeing.  My buoys are reporting gusts many times higher than that- 4 m/s gusting to 30 seems a bit out of the ordinary,

The CR1000 program has a 1 second scan and was doing winds thusly:

BrHalf (wind_direc,1,mV2500,WD_CHANNEL,WD_EXC,1,2500,False,0,_60Hz,355,0)
AvgRun (gust, 1, wind_speed, 3)

All wind data, including gust goes into a 6 minute table:

Maximum(1, gust, FP2, False, False)

I've since changed the PulseCount to


...so it is measuring Hz instead of counts.  That shouldn't matter I think, since pulse counts with a one second scan is Hz anyway.  I had initally thought, "oh, it's totting up counts for a three second period instead of averaging so the gusts are three times higher than they ought to be", but that's not it. 

Does anyone have any ideas what I'm missing here?  I've been up and down the CRBasic help files and googled far and wide but cannot figure out what's wrong.  The way that there are three "fingers" in my buoy data (particularly visible for buoy 2) I think is a hint but I don't have a good hypothesis for that yet.

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