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Option 64 and scheduled downloads

tchill Apr 1, 2021 04:05 AM

Hi, I am looking to automatically download the files from a CR1000x from the CRD. The files are ~ 50 to 100 mb per day and currently I am using option 64 to do this. However, I would like to use scheduled download (over a 4G modem) to regularly/automatically download the data.

The issue I have is that once the file is closed (scheduled data collection - set up from the connection wizard) it will not go back and access data from closed files. I think this can happen in two cases: when the data file is closed and a new one collected, anything not downloaded, will never be downloaded. Second, if the server is offline at all, it will not catchup once a new file is created.

I don't want to have to manually download all the files (this does not seem to work well if the connection is marginal anyhow, as in filecontrol you can only download complete files at a time, so often connections seem to drop mid-way, making full 50-100mb hard to download. I also am reluctant to use a standard table, as the file might be 15GB to have 6 months of data.

So, what is the best way to automatically and reliably download OPTION 64 CRD data?

JDavis Apr 1, 2021 01:28 PM

It is possible to do scheduled retrieval of the completed files. Each datalogger in Setup of Loggernet has a Flie Retrieval tab.

tchill Apr 7, 2021 08:14 AM

Hi JDavis, Thanks for the response. Can I check, are we talking about the EZ setup? If so, I cannot see an option for specifying the downloading of closed Option64 files? I am probably misunderstanding though, so futher details would be really appreciated. Cheers, T

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