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"file is remote/inaccessible or does not exist" redux

Delta1 Mar 23, 2021 05:25 AM

I came across this thread from back in 2016 https://www.campbellsci.com/forum?forum=1&l=thread&tid=2753

We programmed a new CR1000x, attached sensors, and ran the program over the weekend. When trying to collect data, the message "file is remote/inaccessible or does not exist" is displayed. There appears to be no .dat file to access and no observations to collect despite the fact that valid readings are showing for all sensors in the monitor data tab and the program is shown as currently running. The reporting frequency is 1 hour so the CR1000x should have a .dat file to download. And the problem is unrelated to write permissions or the destination folder.

Any further ideas on what may be wrong here? I'm using PC400 v.4.5.


Dana Apr 6, 2021 08:44 AM

That message is displayed when you collect data and one or more of the tables you are trying to collect do not yet have data stored to the table. 

There are two intervals to think about when working with the datalogger. The first interval is the Scan Interval (or Scan Rate). This is the interval on which the datalogger executes the instructions in the program. If you are looking at the Public table in the Monitor Data tab, you will see each sensor's value updated with each scan. With each update, the previous value is overwritten. The Public table is a one-record table, so there is no historical data to collect - what you are seeing is essentially the last measurement for each sensor. 

The other interval is the interval on which you are storing values to a Data Table. You need a DataTable instruction in your program. Data is stored to this table when the table is "called" within the program and any conditions for storing data in the table are met. 

Things to review in your program are making sure you have a DataTable instruction and a CallTable instruction in the program. If the table is called conditionally, make sure that the condition is actually occurring in your program. Or, if it is called on an interval, make sure that as you follow the logic in the program, the interval is met. 

Best, Dana

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