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authentication failed

julien55 Mar 17, 2021 12:43 AM


I have two CR300 which worked well, and two servers that can connect to their fixed public IPs. Only those can since the SIM supplier only allowed traffic from the server own IPs.

Server 1 still can communicate but server 2 suddenly cannot. Server 2 reports an error which I never seen as shown below

open failed","authentication failed

I have the TCP password correct, pakbus also, nothing changed, it just stopped working. I do not know which authentication this message is referring to, hence this post.

I suspect some kind of security measure has been deployed on the server preventing comms. Is there some kind of check I can make or specific request I can make to IT to open up a port or something ? Other loggers on that same server 2 still work, and use the same port after the IP address.


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