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Function Timer stop scan ?

mduthoit Nov 14, 2020 07:04 AM


I have been trying since several days to program a specific sequence. The Timer function seemed ideal to me!  Once completed, my sequence perfectly OK. I realized that the recording in my DataTable was stopped due to the use of the function Timer. Do you confirm me ? Is there a solution for the recording to be done during my timer?

I confirm that there is no recording in my While Loop. I can see the variation of PanelTemp & TCdiff during this 30 sec sequence of the timer, but there is no recording. You can see part of my program that I'm having trouble with:

Select Case N
Case Is=1
Message = "Branche 1"
PMP = "ON"
Mesure =Timer (2,Sec,0 )
Mesure =Timer (2,Sec,4 )
WHILE Mesure <30
Mesure =Timer (2,Sec,4 )
PanelTemp (T_Ref,_50Hz)
TCDiff (TC(N),1,mV200,1,TypeT,T_Ref,True ,0,250,1.0,0)
' Mesure = Timer (2,Sec,3)
Standby =Timer (1,Sec,0 )
Standby =Timer (1,Sec,4 )
While Standby <15
Standby =Timer (1,Sec,4 )
Standby = Timer (1,Sec,3)

Thank you in advance if you could help me.



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