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Connect to CR1000 by tcp/ip

Makada Nov 10, 2020 03:06 AM


I would like to know if its possible to connect to the cr1000 by TCP ip.

Do i need extra hardware for it?

I see i can add a root in the setup screen with ipport but from there i dont know what to do.

Whats the ip adress of the cr1000?

With kind regards.

jtrauntvein Nov 10, 2020 07:34 AM

There are several ways that can be used to connect the CR1000 to a TCP/IP network:

- connect an NL116 to the datalogger expansion port.  This approach provides the fastest link.

- connect the datalogger to a cell modem such as the CELL2xx or the RV50 to the datalogger's RS-232, COM1, COM3, COM5, or COM7 ports.  An SC105 can also be used to connect the cell modem via one of the interfaces available in the CSIO port.

- connect the datalogger to an Ethernet network using an NL121 or to a WiFi network using the NL241

Makada Nov 10, 2020 11:32 PM

Ok, thanks alot for the answer.

With kindest regards.

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