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EmailRelay problem

AmnonS Oct 31, 2020 12:52 PM


until O.S 32.02 i have sent mail throgh the EmailRelay function.

i declare the Attach as string becuse every day the name of the file change with the new date and every thing work graete.

after update o.s when i try to compile the same program i get error like this

[Version]C:\Campbellsci\Lib\Compilers\CR1Comp.exe VERSION:CR1000.Std.32.05 DATE:01/06/2020
SendDataMail311020.CR1 -- Compile Failed!

line 48: Expression expects , : EmailResult = EmailRelay(ToAd,Subject2,MailM....
Error(s) detected in the program. Double-click an error above to navigate to it.

any idea?

nsw Nov 3, 2020 02:16 AM

There were some changes to EmailRelay in OS revisions from 32.02 to 32.05. I don't know your specific issue.

Can you post your code for the EmailRelay instruction and definitions of any variables/constats used in the instruction from your program? Thanks.

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