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Impossible to convert TOB3 file with CardConvert

firminf Oct 1, 2020 08:41 AM


I  encounter an error trying to convert TOB3 file to TOA5 with CardConvert.

Repairing "".dat
Creating new binary file "".dat
File is TOB3
Header size: 512 $200
Header written: 512
Intended table size: 494144128
Header Validation Stamp: 26331 $66DB
Frame size: 1024 $400
Maximum number of frames 2096679
Reading data...
Invalid frame encountered
Frame No: 0
File offset: 512 $200
Last Record Number: 0
Last TimeStamp 01/01/1990
Resynch attempted
Ten frames searched, no vaild frame found

The Crbasic code is working well and I convert data from this site since 2018 without any issues.

Do you think I can try something else to get back my data ?



JDavis Oct 1, 2020 02:33 PM

The file header might have become corrupted. Contact your local support office. If you provide them with the data file and a copy of the datalogger program that created it, they may be able to recover some data.

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