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Bug RTMC Pro 5.0

Makada Jun 28, 2020 02:33 AM


I just noticed in latest update, RTMC Pro 5, i cant scroll through my data/graphs screen in RTMC Run Time.

I can in RTMC Pro Dev.

Im using windows 10 x64 enterprise.

With kind regards.  

ChipsNSalsa Jun 29, 2020 11:46 AM

Are you running an RTMC Pro 4.3.3 or older project in an RTMC Run-time 5.0.0?

Makada Jun 29, 2020 01:00 PM

Im using my rtmc project through all previous RTMC updates fine, but with the 5 version i noticed this issue.

Am i right,  regarding your answer, i have to make a new RTMC project in the 5 version before running it in RTMC Run Time 5 ?

ChipsNSalsa Jun 29, 2020 03:02 PM

If you currently have the RTMC Pro 4.3.3 (or older) product and also seperately installed RTMC Run-time products, you should idealy keep the RTMC Run-time products at the same version as your RTMC Pro product. You should not update the RTMC Run-times to 5.0 unless you first update your RTMC Pro to 5.0, open each 4.3.3 (or older) project, review the way they look and function, make adjustments where necessary, and save them as 5.0 projects. We've tried to make that clear on the RTMC Run-time patch download page by stating "For use with RTMC 5.0 or greater projects only". Do I understand correctly that you have the RTMC Pro product and also RTMC Run-time products installed on seperate computers?

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