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CR200X -> NL201 -> Loggernet collection over TCP/IP problems

tapani.mikkola Jun 23, 2020 05:37 AM


we have soil temperature stations with NL201 and GSM links to connect with. Also different kind of setups like CR200X - NL201, CR1000 - NL201. CR1000 - GSM link etc.

For some reason only ones with problems are CR200X - NL201 combination which we have two almost identical setups. And as a cherry on top they almost never seem to work at the same time.

I can connect to both NL201 with loggernet device configuration utility and change values if needed but only one CR200X is working with NL201. Those CR200X are almost identical.

Last time when I managed to get other CR200X working after 90 days lack of collection by restarting the device, the other CR200X dropped from automatic collection.

When going to the logger and using laptop computer to connect with serial connection everything works as a charm.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot the problem?


T. Mikkola

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