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Multiple Save Locations from Scheduled Collections

EddieO Jun 18, 2020 11:51 AM

I wanted to ask if anyone else is requiring multiple save locations? I have a server collecting data on a scheduled collection from quite a few sites. But now with the need to telework often, I want to set up two save locations, one of the server local directory and the other on the network directory. This would allow me to support customers remotely by being able to access, process and send out information requests from the data on the network directory. Currently this function is not available in LoggerNet. Would anyone else benefit from the addition of this function?

Thank you,


GaryTRoberts Jun 18, 2020 01:19 PM

Actually, the functionality is available in LoggerNet. This is what the Task Master application was meant for!

Start Task Master and then select your logger/station in the Setup tab. Then click the Add After button. Select "After Successful Call" from the "Station Event Type" drop-down list. Then in the What Task* Does tab, select Execute File. You can then create a batch file that copies the data file from the LoggerNet data directory to the network directory.

The Help Menu option can give you more details on how to use Task Master to do a sundry of things.

EddieO Jun 25, 2020 10:29 AM

Thank you for responding Gary. I am running LoggerNet Admin 4.5 and running it as a service. I tried what you described using both an .exe file and a .bat file without success. I was on the phone with your support team when I found a link to another forum post https://www.campbellsci.com/forum?forum=1&l=thread&tid=1835 which describes running LoggerNet as a service can prevent task master from working properly when trying to execute a file based on a collection action. If it's possible, I would really like a modification to the LoggerNet -> Setup -> Data Files tab which allows for saving the collection in multiple locations in future releases. I use a taxed RF network so creating a duplicate dataset to transfer and save in an alt location isn't a great option for me...

As an intermediate solution, using the created .bat file, I used Windows Task Scheduler to run my .bat file to copy the dataset to an alternate location.

I really appreciate all of the help I received from your team!

jtrauntvein Jun 25, 2020 01:44 PM

When LoggerNet Admin is running as a service, it is constrained by the operating system to the rights granted to it by the account under which it is running as well as other constraints placed on all services.  By default, the LoggerNet service manager creates a "loggernet" account on the local machine and so, generally, the resources that LoggerNet running as a service can access are constrained to be on that machine.  That said, you can alter the properties of the LoggerNet service in the windows Service Manager and specify that the service be run under a domain account.  By doing so, any resources on the network that are accessable for that domain account will likewise be accessable to the LoggerNet service.  The exception to this is that LoggerNet running as a service is unable to interact directly with the windows Desktop and desktop resources (such as drive mappings) are, likewise, unavailable.  Thus, in order to configure LoggerNet running as a service to access network resources, you must specify paths to those network resources using the UNC format.  For instance, if I wanted to configure a task to copy files to a network share on the machine named "server", I would specify something like "copy /y /s %f \\server\share\path_under_share".

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