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NL115 failed to record data

Dylan HK Jun 12, 2020 02:23 AM

Hello, everyone. We have a CR1000 with NL115 in the field to record data. We sent a program to data logger and a CF card in NL115 have recorded data for two month. It then failed to work but we can still record data by wired connection with laptop. The LED light on NL115 was always off. We pressed Initiate Removal for 3-4min but no solid green light can be seen. We brought the NL115 back to lab and found that CF card is filled with data. Then we formated it and install the NL115 back to CR1000 (still no light can be seen). After a while, we check the CF card and it is empty. We send the same program to data logger again and a Dialogue window called Compile Results told us that "line 120: Warning: Compact Flash Module not detected: CardOut not used".

We wanted to know if out NL115 was broken. We saw someone in the forum said that disconnect or connect the NL115 to a data logger only after power to the data logger has been disconnected. Is it related to our problem? Also can we see when NL115 stopped to record data in the LoggerNet software? Thank you so much for your help.

JDavis Jun 15, 2020 01:49 PM

That warning does indicate the datalogger does not detect the NL115. It may have been damaged by a power surge through the Ethernet cable. The NL116 was primarily designed to add stronger surge protection.

In less common cases, the expansion port on the CR1000 can also be damaged by a power surge. So, it is best to send both the datalogger and NL115 in for repair.

The alternate potential cause of damage would be water condensation in the connector.

If you have another NL121, NL115 or NL116 available, it would be good to try on the datalogger to see if the problem is only the NL115.

Dylan HK Jun 15, 2020 09:59 PM

Well noted. Can we see when NL115 stopped to record data in the LoggerNet software (for example in the Station Status window)? Or we can only estimate the time of damage from the information recorded in the CF card. Thank you.

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