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Setting up SDI-12 sensors

BS May 13, 2020 06:48 AM

I have a CR1000x with 6 CS650 sensors connected to the C1 port. They all have a different adress from 1 to 6 and give me data output. The CS650 sensors are in six different soiltypes. For now I understand if i ask for the xM! or xD! command i get the data from that specific sensor so everything works fine. But how do I know what adress is connected to which specific sensor? Do you have to link the serial number of each sensor to an adress in some way? In other worths how do I now which data is coming from which sensor since they all have the same name in the output table.

(I have the same problem with SDI-12 sensors Teros 12 from Metergroup)

JDavis May 13, 2020 09:04 AM

You can either keep notes about which sensor is which, or add the Alias() instruction into your program to relabel variables.

I suggest doing both. Keep notes about which serial number is installed where, and label values in your program to make it easier to understand.

BS May 14, 2020 12:45 AM

Thank you for the quick response, really appriciated. I will try to use the Alias() instruction. But I still don't understand how I know in the beginning when writing the program which adress belongs to which sensor. I can change the adress from each sensor in the table emulator from 1 to a different number 9 for example but how do I know which sensor I'm changing? That is the real thing I don't understand from SDI-12 sensors. I can't see the link between an adress given in the program and the specific sensor. Thank you in advance.

nsw May 14, 2020 02:50 AM

The easiest way to do this is physically remove all the SDI-12 sensors from the control port you are using them on. Then connect one of them, then use the Temrinal Emulator as you mention and use the "?!" query to get the address for that individual sensor.

CS655 sensors are available to order with a set address of 0 (default), model CS655-DS or addressed with the same digit as the last digit of the serial number of the sensor, model CS655-VS. So, for the CS655-VS, if its serial number is 12345, the SDI-12 address of the sensor will be set to 5. This has to be specified at order time and you would need to check what has been ordered.

Or you can use the "?!" on each sensor to double check. This is detailed in Appendix D of the CS655 manual on our website.

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