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how to reboot device attached to SW12-1 once every 24hours CR6

Shanks.J Mar 18, 2020 08:39 PM

I am running a simple program with an automated weather station, unfortunately after 7 days exactly it locks up. 
all that it needs is a full power cylce and it performs well again. (i have let the manifactureres know and we are working ina solution together)

in the mean time, i was thinking of powering the device with the 12volt switch, and powering it off for say 1 minute evewry 24hours.
how would i achieve this?

at the moment i runa slow sequence for a gps timing device which turns on once and hour.
but how to i keep the device on, and then turn off for a small section of time.

thanks in advance

Bluegrass Mar 19, 2020 07:26 AM

See following for detail:


I still use it after I shift to RV50.

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