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iperez Feb 26, 2020 09:31 AM

I am trying to send data to an FTP via network with apn and fixed IP My device is a CR800 and a cell 215 connected via a CS I / O cable

In the Device configuration utility on the ppp tab I only write:

PPP interface: CS I / O SDC8

PPP IP Adress:

PPP Dial Response: CONNECT

In the modem configuration I use the following parameters (the rest continues by default)

APN: myapn

Mode: PPP CS I / O

SDC Adress: 8 Port CS I / O SDC Adress terminal: 11

PPP Username: my username

PPP Pasword: mypasword

Authentication Type: PAP (my apn demands it)

However, with this configuration, the device does not connect to my APN network and does not return the fixed IP to me. I have tested this configuration on a CR300 CELL200 and it connects me instantly Can you help me with my configuration for the device to connect?

In the following link I attach photos with the settings


Best regard

GaryTRoberts Feb 26, 2020 01:22 PM

What version of the cell modem operating system does your device have? It should be listed as part of OS Date on the Status tab of the modem. Some like 2020-01-11 02.15.

iperez Feb 26, 2020 01:57 PM

Hello Gary;

The OS is 2019-12-11 02.015

The OS of the CR800 is Std.32.03

iperez Feb 27, 2020 07:39 AM

I have been reviewing the modem status through the "communication watch" utility

I have seen the text "MTS_CHAP_SRVR" appear, although in my configuration I select "Authentication Type: PAP".

12:36:57.13 R 7E FF 7D 23 C0 21 7D 2B 7D 21 7D 20 7D 28 C6 86 ~.}#.!}+}!} }(.?
12:36:57.13 R CB 3F 7D 21 B7 7E 7E C2 23 01 01 00 23 10 72 EC .?}!?~~.#...#.r.
12:36:57.13 R 95 F9 1A 46 D0 50 2A 05 46 84 39 07 2B 19 55 4D ?..F.P*.F?9.+.UM
12:36:57.13 R 54 53 5F 43 48 41 50 5F 53 52 56 52 CE 92 7E TS_CHAP_SRVR.?~
12:36:57.15 T FF 03 C0 21 09 00 00 08 B3 4C 18 A2 76 54 7E ...!....?L.?vT~
12:36:57.16 R 7E FF 7D 23 C0 21 7D 2A 7D 20 7D 20 7D 2C C6 86 ~.}#.!}*} } },.?
12:36:57.16 R CB 3F B3 4C 7D 38 A2 CE 33 7E .??L}8?.3~
12:36:57.21 T FF 03 C2 23 02 01 00 15 10 74 FB 71 40 51 60 39 ...#.....t.q@Q`9
12:36:57.21 T D9 C0 8F F7 AC 84 96 E3 49 D0 29 7E ..?.???.I.)~

My network technician informs me that my connection is rejected because it does not use PAP authentication

Can my connection problem be here?

In the attached link a Diagnosis report of Cell 215



GaryTRoberts Feb 27, 2020 08:22 AM

Thank you. Can you also send us a copy of the diagnostic report?

GaryTRoberts Feb 27, 2020 08:31 AM

Are you putting the PPP username and password into the CR800? In PPP mode, the datalogger controls the PPP session, so this needs to be set under the PPP subtab in our older dataloggers. The newer dataloggers, like the GRANITE 6/9/10, CR6, CR1000X, and CR300 are able to pull these settings if they are set in the modem first.

iperez Feb 27, 2020 09:01 AM

Thanks Gary

I had already tried it but I have done it again and the result is the same:

Querying modem 82% Error: Network denied registration.


In the attached link the configuration file CR800 and the state on conection in CR800 and modem




Is it possible that the "apn" and "Authentication Type" parameters are not well captured from the modem?

GaryTRoberts Feb 27, 2020 09:17 AM

Can you try setting up the modem in serial server mode instead and see if the modem connects then? There might be an issue with PPP in the CR800 operating system. Setting the modem to work in serial server mode will help us determine this.

iperez Feb 28, 2020 02:33 AM

Hi Gary

I have conected the modem to cr800 through the rs232 port with a null modem cable

Apparently nothing has changed

In the following link I attach the configuration and report files



GaryTRoberts Feb 28, 2020 07:25 AM

It looks like you still have things setup to use PPP instead of serial server mode. Once you set the modem to serial server mode and remove the PPP settings from the datalogger, please send a diagnostic report from the modem. Please look at section 6.4.3 of the cell215 manual on how to set things up in serial server mode.

iperez Feb 28, 2020 08:04 AM

Hi Gary

I have configured the modem and the CR800 according to your recommendations

I have followed the steps in the manual, except because I don't have logernet

I attach the log files


Best regards

GaryTRoberts Feb 28, 2020 08:33 AM

The text file is empty. Can you send a screenshot of the main settings page of the modem, Also the settings page and the advanced page. Also send a modem diagnostics report. How is the modem now connected to the datalogger? Via RS-232 or CS I/O?

iperez Feb 28, 2020 12:19 PM

It's true, I made a mistake

I have made the requested screenshots and log files, both connected via RS232 and CS I / O



GaryTRoberts Feb 28, 2020 03:11 PM

Please let the modem sit for about 10 minutes before doing a diagnostic report. The modem needs to sit a bit (powered on and USB disconnected) so we can see what is going on. Right now, the report just shows a lot of now power issues and we don't see it trying to dial the cell provider.

iperez Feb 29, 2020 01:18 AM

Thanks Gary, I have done so, with both RS232 and CS I / O

I attach the log files


iperez Mar 9, 2020 06:33 AM

Hello Gary

Have you been able to check the files and find out where the problem is?

Thank you so much

GaryTRoberts Mar 9, 2020 04:07 PM

Sorry, we are not seeing anything in the files that shows why the modem isn't connecting. Can you send me an email at gtroberts at campbellsci.com. I will send you back some instructions on how to do a trace on the PPP connection.

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