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I can't remove file on USR device on CR1000

ajteck Feb 18, 2020 01:18 PM

I can't remove a file from the USR device. When I tried to delete the file I got this message "The attempt to delete the file <[FILE]> has failed. Permission was denied by the station".
The logger don't have a security key active and I'm logged directly by the RS-232 port and by the Device Configuration software, on the last version.
No APP was running when this situation occurs.

JDavis Feb 19, 2020 04:33 PM

The datalogger has the file open currently if you see that error.

ajteck Feb 20, 2020 06:31 AM

We got the message "blocked by datalogger security or the datalogger is busy with the file or file system" too.

However, the application was not running when we got this message.

if no program was running, how the file was open?

the file will save by data table command, so don't make sense the file is open


Daniwenz May 6, 2020 11:23 AM

I have the same problem, did you find out any solution?

JDavis May 6, 2020 11:51 AM

If you are using TableFile with option 64, the most recent file is actively open by the datalogger and having data written to it. If you stop the program with File Control, you should be able to retrieve the file.

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