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GPS16X-HVS connected to CR300

George "Bub" Mueller Feb 6, 2020 03:06 PM

After connecting a GPS16X-HVS to a CR300, I attempted to use Short Cut to test the sensor.  Leaving all parameters at default, I tried to finish the program.  The program could not compile.  Opening the program in CRBasic Editor, I changed the DIM statement from Dim NMEASent(2) As String * 90  to  Dim NMEASent(2) As String * 100.  The program compiled normally and all is well.  Did I do something wrong in Short Cut or is there a problem with Short Cut and the GPS16X-HVS?

JDavis Feb 7, 2020 08:04 AM

That is an issue in that version of ShortCut. The GPS instruction used to only require strings of 90 bytes in length. The datalogger OS was updated to need 100 bytes, but ShortCut was not initially updated to accomodate.

It should be fixed in the next released version of ShortCut.

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