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Schedule new program compling

Rasmus Jensen Feb 6, 2020 07:29 AM

Hi all,
Do some of you have a suggestion on how I can code my logger program to detect if a new logger program (with a new name) is available on the CPU drive? And afterward, make it compile the new program just after midnight when data has been collected and send to a remote server.

I want to make this function to minimize data loss when compiling a new program. And as I format the filenames and send data via HTTP just past midnight every day I can limit the data loss be compiling new programs at this time. Of cause, I could stay up until late every time I want to update programs, but I would prefer the automatic solution.
I have a rough outline of the program:

The first part is executed just after files were sent to the remote server. 

  If NewFileStatus=-1 Then ' has a file been written
      TriggerSequence(1,0) ' call for subroutine that rename it

And the second part is in a separate SlowSequence:


    FileManage ("CPU:" & NewLoggerProgram,6)


So my question is; Can the Newfile() function identify several new files. And which function can I use do get hold of the filename (NewLoggerProgram variable in the code above) of this exact new file?

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