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Cycle power via CS-I/O port

ariklee Nov 4, 2019 02:39 PM

I have a CELL205 connected to a CR6 via the CS-I/O port, which provides power and communication. Is there a way to cycle power on the CS-I/O port using a program instruction? I have needed to cycle power on the CELL205 twice since install in August 2019 to regain cellular communications.

If this is not possible, is there a program command to restart the datalogger which would also cycle power on the CS-I/O port?

GeodeNZ Nov 4, 2019 10:23 PM

Not tried it myself, but check out appendix A of the cell manual. It shows how to power cycle the modem by using software commands.

ariklee Nov 4, 2019 11:58 PM

Thank you.

Looks like I can use IPNetPower(5, state) to cycle power. Interesting. The Appendix A doesn't say anything about being connected and powered through the CS-I/O port, so I wonder how the command knows that the CELL205 is connected via the CS-I/O port?

GeodeNZ Nov 5, 2019 01:15 AM

Check example 3 on pg 69 of the manual. It shows how to reboot the modem using serial commands

Good luck, let me know how it goes. My Verizon version of this modem should be delivered in the morning, can't wait to try it out.

ariklee Nov 5, 2019 04:59 PM

Thanks again. I treid the "IPNetPower(5, state)" tactic, using times between 03:00 and 04:00 hours to shut the modem down. I have connection this morning, but cannot verify that it actually cycled power. Can someone from Campbell verify that this command will work to cycle power on a CELL205 that is connected to a CR6 via CS-I/O port?

Serial commands add more complexity, and because the modem is 600 miles away I am cautious to not do anything where I lose connection and have to travel to the site.

GeodeNZ Nov 7, 2019 02:41 AM

Maybe ring CSI directly. I've been fortunate to have additiional equipment allowing for debugging software/hardware changes inthe lab prior to sending new codes remotely.  

ariklee Nov 7, 2019 02:37 PM

Yeah, the strange thing in the IPNetPower command is the different "interface" options for the NL200, NL240, and CELL205. The CS-I/O port has a dedicated power pin, so wondering why the different interface is necessary?

ariklee Nov 8, 2019 11:55 PM

Tested the command with a CELL215. The command doesn't cycle power but does turn the interface off. I'm not sure if that is enough to provide the "reboot" that I need to restore comm. Anyway, good to know!

GeodeNZ Nov 26, 2019 05:10 PM

I have my new Cell210 up and running. To power cycle a modem on the CS I/O port, tech support suggested to clip off pin 8 on the CS I/O cable which plugs into the data logger CS I/O port. This cuts off the 12 vdc power to the modem from the CS I/O port. Then wired the green modem power terminals to switched 12 volts and ground respectively. Then you can use the switched 12 vdc terminal to again power cycle the modem under program control. I have this working fine in the lab.


ariklee Nov 26, 2019 05:53 PM

Perfect. Thank you.

Sam Nov 28, 2019 07:40 PM

These devices (CELL2XX and NL2XX) receive the IPNetPower command over CS I/O and subsequently power down or up the WAN communication interface - cellular radio, Wi-Fi radio, or Ethernet interface.

The NL2XX devices have differing default CS I/O addresses. The CELL2XX is connected via PPP over CS I/O. The IPNetPower instruction needs to know where to send the command.

The CS I/O port power pins are constant / not switchable.

GeodeNZ Dec 4, 2019 04:58 PM

Hi Sam, Could you please povide an example of using the IPNetPower to turn off power to a Cell 210 on the CS I/O port under program control? IPNetPower interface doesn't show an option for the Cell210, just ethernet and CS I/O 1 & 2. 

My logger is a CR1000, I can communicate with my modem on Comsdc 11 using the CR1000 terminal mode.


Update:  I looked through the Cell210 manual again and found where it states the capablilty for power cycling on the CS I/O is not an option for the CR1000. 

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