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how connect NL201 to RF451 on CS I/O ports

furban Sep 23, 2019 03:03 PM

Trying to connect a RF451 to a NL201 on via the CS I/O ports on each device. The ports on both devices are the same gender so a standard DB9 serial cable (male one end, female other) will not work.  

Can I just use a gender changer on one end of a serial cable so that the physical connection will work?  or does this need to be a specific unique cable?  I assume a null modem is not necessary?  Also assume a SC932A is not necessary?  I am NOT using Bridge mode.  

GaryTRoberts Sep 23, 2019 05:07 PM

You will need to connect the two together using a serial cable using the RS-232 ports. Neither of the two devices has the required ME addressing necessary to connect via CS I/O.

furban Sep 23, 2019 06:04 PM

Hmm that is unfortunate... I thought the two devices could talk to each other via CS I/O

I would like to utilize the diagnostics port on the RF451 and connect to it remotely via RS232 (on the NL201) so that I can manipulate and change radio settings via freewave tool suite diagnostics software.  But I still need the ability to collect data from CR1000's connected to the RF451s I have out in a network and was hoping to use the CS I/O port for that.  

would it be possible to put a SC932A inline between the NL201 and rf451 CS I/O connection so that the connection behaves like rs232?  that way I can use the RS232 port on the NL201 to connect to the rf451 for my diagnostic needs... 

brianjastram Mar 15, 2021 07:44 AM

furban, I would also like to utilize the diagnostic port on the RF451 to connect to it remotely via an NL201.

GaryTRoberts, I have worked with a collaborator in the past who has used a couple DB9 to RJ45 adaptors (SC932A) and an RJ45 patch cable to connect the NL201 to a network hub and LoggerNet Server to use the FreeWave Tool Suit to work on the radio network. Would it be possible to use an RJ45 splitter at the NL201 so the radio diagnostics cable (20625) from the RF451 via the SC932A adaptor and the RJ54 patch cable from the network hub can both communicate to the loggernet server?

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