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CR300 Remote-Update

TimoRoth Sep 9, 2019 04:27 AM

We have a CR300-CELL200 in the field, which I would like to update to OS 9.02 (currently running 9.01) to address the modem reset issue.

We do not have any way to physically access that logger in a while, so I'm very careful about not locking myself out.
I can't write a program to restore the neccesary settings for it to come back online, because there do not appear to be any SetSetting variables to set the PPP username and password, which are required for our cellular connection.

So for the update I would first configure the logger to have its modem permanentley online, instead of the current 15 minute window a day. Then perform the update via LoggerNet Connect/File Control, which hopefully should retain all settings, specially the APN and its PPP settings.
And finally configure it back to the original 15 minute Window, to save battery power.

Is this safe? Will the Logger keep its settings?

JDavis Sep 9, 2019 01:30 PM

Should be safe doing what you described.

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