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Control the NL241 power with CR1000 and seperated power source

ryan476 Aug 15, 2019 12:54 PM

Hello there,

I'm currently trying to configure a CR1000 and a NL241 to have seperated power source but still have the CR1000 to control when the NL241 wifi is up or not. Before today, the CR1000 was always using his own power source  throught the CS I/O ports to feed the NL241, but we would like them to have seperated power source so that, if the NL241 use too much battery and use all its battery, it will only stop working and the CR1000 will still be operational.

Thanks for your help


JDavis Aug 16, 2019 01:27 PM

Refer to page B-3 in the NL241 manual. There is a jumper you can change to prevent the NL241 from taking power through CSIO. You can then still use CSIO for the connection to the CR1000. The IPNetPower instruction in the datalogger will allow putting the NL241 to sleep.

ryan476 Aug 16, 2019 02:11 PM

Thank you very much. It works.


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