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CNR4 connect CR1000X

Edson Aug 13, 2019 02:41 PM

I am have problem to connect the CNR4 pt-100 wire to the CR1000X datalogger.
Using the program available in Instruction Manual 02/2017 (Appendix B1), I cannot get the temperature data correctly. In addition, the CNR4 cable has different colors from those described in manual 02/2017 (there is no red). How to proceed?

anbo Nov 13, 2019 11:30 AM

Make sure you read the manual for your revision of CNR4 and substitute those for the ones in the Instruction Manual. 

JDavis Nov 14, 2019 04:40 PM

You must not have purchased the CNR4 from Campbell Scientific if the wire colors do not match. Campbell Scientific uses different cable than Kipp and Zonen. CNR4 purchased from Campbell Scientific have a 0.1% 1kOhm resistor added in, so a separate completion resistor is not needed to measure the thermistor.

The documentation provided by the sensor vendor should show the wire colors correct for the CNR4 you purchased.

meteor Nov 21, 2019 04:30 AM

There are two variants of CNR4, recognizable at the location for the dry gel.

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