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CR1000 Set Public Variable from SQL Database

Cam Aug 6, 2019 04:18 PM

We have a series of eight Young wind monitors associated to Charilifts for monitoring wind and alarming when they reach a threshold. The alarm is acknowledged by an operator using RTMC which starts a timer for 5minutes, after the 5minutes the alarm is reset and the cycle starts again. This works well while the chairlift is running and we need to actively monitor it but after the decision is made to shut the chairlift I need a way of stopping the alarms (its annoying all the RTMC end-users).

The data for a running chairlift is stored in a SQL Database which just happens to be the same server as the LNDB destination. Is there a way to push the closed chair status from the DB to the logger? I am ok with the DB side (this is my area) but unsure of how to programatically push or pull that data in to assign the operatingstatus variable in the CR1000 logger. 

There is an alternative on some of the lifts where we have PLCs installed which may be able to return a SCADA response. I am not confident of how to approach this path though. 

Cam Aug 7, 2019 12:36 AM

No reponse needed, found the webapi which solves it nicely. Running a powershell script on a scheduled task to query SQL Server then pass the variable to an Invoke-WebRequest using a setvalue api command. 

If anyone has a cleaner solution then please let me know but i think its solved. 

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