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Communication between 2 data loggers: CR1000 and CR1000X

Tecusan Jul 24, 2019 08:22 AM


I am using the CR1000X data logger to collect measurements from some voltage sensors. The CR1000 is measuring metereological parameters that I want to have also in the data tables of CR1000X. 

I was able to do that, but now, after setting the communication between the dataloggers, the sampling (the frecquency with which the public table is updated) of the CR1000X is very low - around 3 minutes, even if the scan is set to be every second.

My objective is to read and update the values from the CR1000 every second.

This is the part of the program that makes the connection between the dataloggers:

GetVariables (Response1,TCPOpen ("http://......",6785,0),0,11,0000,0,"Public","AirT1",AirT1,1)
GetVariables (Response2,TCPOpen ("http://......",6785,0),0,11,0000,0,"Public","RH1",RH1,1)
GetVariables (Response3,TCPOpen ("http://......",6785,0),0,11,0000,0,"Public","WS_ms",WS_ms,1)
GetVariables (Response4,TCPOpen ("http://......",6785,0),0,11,0000,0,"Public","CMP3W",CMP3W,1)

Any help on the matter will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

JDavis Jul 25, 2019 01:57 PM

Your program should have a single TCPOpen for the connection to the other datalogger. That instruction will return a port handle you can use in GetVariables.

I also recommend putting all values to transfer into a single array. That would allow a single GetVariables transaction to move all the values at once.

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