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OBS-3A connection problem using HydroSci software

Hydro-D-BAUG Jul 1, 2019 08:00 AM

Dear Sir or Madam,


Our group bought an OBS-3A device and want to use it to do a river turbidity measurement. I met some trouble when set up the OBS-3A using HydroSci 1.2.1 software. The problem is that I cannot connect the OBS-3A device to my PC. I tried click option 'Attempt to find the baud rate to communicate' but does not work. This is a new device and never did any measurement before, so I guess it should not be a problem related to the option of 'Is the OBS-3A currently sampling data'. However, I also tried these two options 'Stop Sampling Data' and 'Let the sample continue to run'. The first one does not work. I think the second one, 'continue to run' will only give a fake 'connection', as it even shows 'connection' state when there is no battery installed in the device for first time connection. I think I tried all the suggestions that I can do listed in the section of 'Unit does not communicate with PC' in the charpter 8-Troubleshooting of the manual. Is the HydroSci software can only run in windows XP, 7 and 8? My computer system is Win10. Is that might a problem? Or Could you please tell me what kind of other reasons and possible solutions can fix my problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

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