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RTMCpro digits displayed

trashbk Jun 7, 2019 02:39 AM

Hi everyone,

we are using RTMCpro (v. for publishing a few weather station's data on the web, and the client regularly downloads the raw measurement data from the displayed table (1min averages).

Now whenever a value is above 1,000 the tables are automatically getting a thousands separator, which unfortunately is the same as the column divider, so that when the data csv file is transferred to Excel, there is one or several additional columns. It is annoying since it requires additional effort and it is not always certain which column was separated.

The computers OS where RTMCpro and the CSI Webserver are running is configured such that no thousands separator should be used (Windows Region Settings, Customize Number Formats, digits grouping is without separator).

I can't find a setting in RTMCpro Developer to influence this behaviour. Is this a bug in the software, or am I too stupid? (the latter is actually not improbable !!)

I'd be grateful for advice, thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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