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Can I use a 7 db Omni anntenna on an RF 451 Spread Spectrum System without exceeding the allowable Db output

RonS Jun 4, 2019 10:38 AM

I have a VHF radio sysem that works welI but I would like to update to Spread Spectrum.  Our service area is in an L shape and uses two repeaters to reach around a protruding range of foothills.  The protruding hill is a popular spot for commercial communicators like Syringa and other providers, etc so I have stayed out of that league.  My longest link is 18.82 miles from the Base Station to one Repeater.  I have tested the link and acheived connedtion between two 3 Db Onmi antennas but the connection is weak and I could not succesfully download a program to a logger.  There is no ground interference between the two sites but some folage may be inbetween at the Base Station end which is downtown.  Any advice would be appreciated.   

Thanks, RonS

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