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COM111 with CR6 - configuration question and now errors

fluckste May 29, 2019 11:45 AM


I'm trying to set up a CS-3G Kit with a Com111 Modem with my CR6 so I can send battery status info to me via email, as I'm not located near the planned deployment site. But now my whole setup seems to be a bit messed up...

I've managed to set up the logger so it reads data from a sensor. Now I wanted to add the Modem. I followed the steps in the CS-3G manual, quickstart guide, setting up a system with a fixed IP. Up to step 12 I can follow, but then, I struggle.

"Start-up your PC and run PC400, Loggernet or your chosen communications
program. Set up an IPPort connection to the data logger, following the
instructions for your software package to do this. Enter the IP address
relevant to the SIM card and the port number to match the one you entered in
step 5 above. If the IP address is a public address you should then be able to
make a test connection to the logger using the connect tool in the program
being used."

when I'm asked to enter the IP adress relevant to the SIM (which is that? How do I get that?). Where do I need to enter that? In the PC200W I cant seem to find a field for that. In Step 5 I never entered a IP adress (is APN meant?).

Furthermore, maybe more importantly, while yesterday loading, starting and stopping programs to the CR6 via PC200W File worked flawlessly, now I get two types of error messages while doing the mentioned operations.

1) Title "Error", "The attempt to change the file attributes has failed. The communication link with the station failed OS Version. CR6.Std.09.02. 

2) Window Title: "PC200W", Unable to read the file system. The communication link with the station failed.

When stopping a program, I usually get the first error message, but the program nevertheless stops. Now when I try to restart the program which ran yesterday, I get the first message, followed by the second, upon which the connection to the CR6 resets and nothing is done.

FWIW, my CR6 is connected through USB to my laptop.

Does it have to do with the settings sent to the logger during the modem setup step 8 (page 4 in revision 4/19 of the CS-3g manual)? If yes, how do I reverse it? Because now I'm left with a system that I can't deploy, the status email would have been a "bonus" as such...

Edit: resetting everything to factory settings resolved the "undeployable" status, now the programs without email work at least. But some help with the COM111 would greatly be appreciated!

I'd really appreciate some help on this!
Thanks and cheers,


fluckste May 30, 2019 12:44 PM

I've had a nice talk to a support engineer and could resolve the issue with not being able to send. Basically, I missed the PPPOpen command in my code, furthermore, with gmail I needed to change a parameter in the security settings (allow less secure apps). I still have the error messages, but it works when not deleting a file from the CR6 without stopping it first.


Sam Jun 2, 2019 03:15 PM

For this or future applications, check this fella out - very easy to integrate with CR6


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