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RS-485 Surge Protection Device

ariklee May 7, 2019 02:49 PM

I've got a Jewell 500-series borehole tiltmeter. They aren't cheap, so I was thinking of using an inline surge protector on the RS-485 (RS-422) full duplex (4-wire) communication lines. Does anyone have a recommendation?

The device is powered by 12VDC. Any recommendations for surge protection on that besides a simple 1A fuse?



ariklee May 30, 2019 01:48 PM

Bump! Anyone got a recommendation for 4-wire RS-485 surge protector, or should I go with an off-the-shelf device?

ariklee Jun 13, 2019 09:35 AM

I know my CR1000x has surge protection on its channels, however I'm concerned about the tiltmeter. Any RS-485 surge protectors that won't interfere with the signal? Thanks!

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