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PPP Network Status -> User interrupt.

Italo Apr 17, 2019 12:42 PM

 I want that my CR1000X connect to internet when the power supply of the modem is on. But after some hours of the logger on the message '-> User interrupt.' appear in the PPP Networ Status, and it stop sending AT commands in the serial interface.

Whats the meaning of this message? What can I do about this?

GaryTRoberts Apr 17, 2019 01:22 PM

This error is reported when the program in the logger does a PPPClose() or tries to do some serial communications on the same port the modem's PPP connection is using. Please make sure you are using the latest operating system for the datalogger and also check to see if there isn't something in the program trying to use and work with the same port the modem is using.

Italo Apr 18, 2019 07:31 AM

I neve use PPPClose() in my program and it never tries to do serial communication in the same port of the modem. Still getting error even when using a different communication port.

The datalogger OS is 3.01

GaryTRoberts Apr 22, 2019 06:37 PM


It looks like there was a PPP bug in the operating system that has now been fixed in the latest version (03.02).

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