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CR1000 restart instruction

TuyenNL Apr 7, 2019 09:31 PM

Hi all,

I have question about restart CR1000 by program:

1. CR1000 OS 32 Updated: 10-18-2017 version history said that: "7. Added the Restart() instruction. Restart() is used to restart the program under program control".

2. The Operator's Manual (Rev. 2/2018) page 514/630 has example "CRBasic EXAMPLE 75: Reboot under program control with Restart instruction".

But when I tried to using this instruction, by update Logernet Admin to lastest version "LoggerNet Patch 4.5 
Updated: 08-18-2017", but I can't using Restart instruction, error while compile!

Please help me to solver this problem.

In addion, I have question that how to reset CR1000 (because NL121Ethernet Interface sometime to be hang) by program without lost data table?

Thanks somuch!

nsw Apr 11, 2019 05:15 AM

When you upgraded to LoggerNet Admin V4.5, did you also upgrade the OS in your CR1000?

I would guess that this is not the current version in your CR1000 and so the compile failed. You can get the latest OS from the website and use Dev Config to update the OS.

I tried a simple example program which used the Restart every 60s, it loaded and ran fine.

Have you had a look at "IPNetPower" instead of "Restart". Using this you could perform a power cycle to the NL121 without having to restart the datalogger program. This may be a better solution for your issue.

TuyenNL Apr 15, 2019 07:49 PM

Thanks for nsw support. I'll try it. That is great to using IPNetPower without having to restart the datalogger.

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