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Details on NTP Server mode?

pokeeffe Mar 11, 2019 02:53 PM


CRBasic help explains that if an NTP server is not specified (i.e. `NetworkTimeProtocol("", ...)`), then the logger will act as an NTP server. I couldn't find more documenation in the manuals - can anyone speak to the NTP server's operation?:

* if a `GPS()` instruction is present, is logger time from the GPS? (I observe GPS vars `max_clock_change` and `nmbr_clock_change` are not updated when also NTP server in CR6.Std.09)

* does UTC_OFFSET var have any impact?
    - prob ignored by `NetworkTimeProtocol()` as server?
    - prob still used by `GPS()` to set logger's clock?
    - logger's config setting still overrides these two instructions right?

* what does the value returned by `NetworkTimeProtocol()` represent? (I see a constant value of -2)

* are stratums handled as expected? (I obs GPS PPS signal = stratum 1. Would the lithium battery clock produce a lower level like 12 or 16?)

* how does the 70sec timeout come into play, if at all?

* will the server operate correctly if declared before the main scan begins?

Thought I'd ask here first to benefit the community versus a direct support request. Thanks


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