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Pakbus RS485 communication failure

MGonzalez Feb 7, 2019 07:37 PM

I have this configuration

Loggernet ----- Sat Modem Hughes9502 -----  CR1000X - MD485 -------- MD485 - CR1000X

Pakbus address for loggers are 61 and 63. Connection to MD485 CSIO SDC7. RS485 baudrate is 38400. Beacon and verify interval are set to 60 and 90 sec. MD485 are configured for pakbus.

Once a day firs CR1000X gets two files from the second CR1000X and sends to FTP server.

GetFile (ResFile1,ComSDC7,0,PackBusNodeRemote,0000,0,HourlyFileName,HourlyFileName)
GetFile (ResFile2,ComSDC7,0,PackBusNodeRemote,0000,0,DailyFileName,DailyFileName)

Everithing works ok for two or three days until communication between CR1000X is lost. Cant connect to the second CR1000X even from loggernet. Only unplug and replug powers restores comms

Any idea will help. Thanks

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