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Syntax Reps parameter for multi-dimension array with DataTable Average function

JamesMc Jan 31, 2019 11:41 AM

Hello, I have a multidimensional array defined as follows:

Public Honeywell(20,4) As Float

 What is the correct syntax for the Reps parameter in the Average function that will not cause a Variable out of Bounds error?


    Average(40,Honeywell(),FP2,(Honeywell() = NAN OR Honeywell() = 0))
    StdDev(40,Honeywell(),FP2,(Honeywell() = NAN OR Honeywell() = 0))

I have tried using the value of 20, but only half of the 80 values in Honeywell(20,4) are stored.  Presently 40 is working, however I am receiving Variable out of Bounds errors.

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