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How I can transfer data tables over RS232 out of the datalogger to a PC?

AlexMorenza Jan 18, 2019 02:39 AM

Hello! First of all, sorry for my bad English.

I would like to transfer my data tables (or transmit every single record) over the RS232 port of a CR300 datalogger to a PC without any campbell support software, 

It would be perfect if I could use a serial terminal application like cutecom or putty to recover the data.

Thanks in advance

JDavis Jan 23, 2019 09:02 AM

If you send the datalogger carriage returns, you will get a CR300> terminal prompt.

To see a list of commands, send it H<CR>.

Command 7 will show the current readings. Command 8 will give you the recent records of saved data.

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