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CR300-CELLxxx Monitoring Cellular Network

ariklee Nov 30, 2018 12:11 PM


I've got a CR300-CELL205 in the field on the Konect service. I lost comm for about 3 weeks, it was restored recently. During the outtage, I logged into Konect a few times to check my Pakbus Router Status, and it showed the node as being "Not Connected".

Now I am able to connect. The hourly data shows that the battery remained strong over the course of the lost comm. The status table shows nothing strange (i.e., no watchdogs, no errors, etc). However, the signal strength is -95 and the quality is -6. The "Cellular Network Status" box indicates that I am on a 3G network. Couple questions:

1. I'm going to update my program to read Settings.CellRSSI and store it in a data table. There are a bunch of other Cell variables that I can read and store to troubleshoot the system (i.e., CellECIO, CellINFO, CellState, CellStatus) -- which would you read and store to troubleshoot?

2. Because the 3G strength seems low (-95), and I know the device is on the edge of possible comm with 4G, is it possible that the cellular gateway is periodically picking up enough 4G to switch over to 4G, but then does not have enough signal strength to actually communicate?



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