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How to read the frequency of Vibrating Wire Sensor with 32 channels on CR6?

Le Zohar Nov 16, 2018 08:05 AM

Hi everyone
I have just bought two CR6s, now I am connecting two CR6s with 13 MUX, but my Mux uses 3 wire (+ VW, -VW, sheet) vibration sensor designed 32 sensors on 1 mux. How can I read the frequency of the Vibrating Wire Sensor?
The test panel of my producer is: U1 = VW +; U2 = VW-; U3 = T +; U4 = T -; U5 = VW MUX 1 Enable; U6 = VW MUX 2 Enable; U7 = VW MUX 3 Enable; U8 = VW MUX 4 Enable; U9 = VW MUX 5 Enable; U10 = VW MUX 6 Enable; U11 = VW MUX 7 Enable; C4 = VW MUX Clock;
Thank you in advance!

smile Nov 18, 2018 09:59 AM


what model of mux are you using?

if you have 13 mux, 7 on a CR6#1 and other 6 on CR6#2?

on every mux there are 32 vibrating wire only or 16 VW with a temperature thermistor?

Try with SHORTCUT. It is a free sw in the download, which creates the code for the CR6 and the connection scheme.



Le Zohar Dec 6, 2018 02:56 AM

Thank Smile, I have completed these project.

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