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Invalid float point operation when trying to view datalogger status in CR1000

param(nmsu) Jun 7, 2018 02:11 PM


I m using CR1000 datalogger. Gill Windsonic type 1, HMP50/60 and Steven's Hydraprobe sensors are attached. I am using car battery to provide the power. Due to low voltage, i replaced the external battery. Just right after replacing it, when i try to look at the datalogger status it says 'Invalid float point operation'. And the data tables are showing NAN in Volatge column. Also, suddenly HMP50/60 sensors stopped working. I didn't do anything else, just replacing the battery.What might have happened and how can i solve this problem.

Thank you

JDavis Jun 7, 2018 04:19 PM

When the datalogger shows NAN for the battery voltage or panel temperature, there is usually too high a voltage connected to an analog channel. Measure the voltage on all SE channels versus ground. Voltages should be withing +-5V of analog ground.

The invalid operation is probably happening as a result of using a value of NAN within a math operation. Resolving the NAN problem will like fix the math problem.

Daniwenz Apr 22, 2021 05:59 AM

The behavior described by JDavis is recurrent? If yes, how can I simulate this? I'm having a similar issue that sometimes datalogger shows wrong values for battery, panel temp and analog sensors, and simply restarting the datalogger solves it.

I tried to simulate this by applying "NAN" on some flag inside Public table, and then running some math operations on it. But it doesnt change battery and panel temp readings.

nsw Apr 29, 2021 06:07 AM

Hi Daniwenz. Which datalogger are you using and what OS does it have running in it?

Daniwenz Apr 29, 2021 02:30 PM

CR1000, recently updated from 27.05 to 32.05.

In addition to invalid battery, panel temp and analog readings, datalogger also triggered a watchdog timer RTOS.

Also, between my previous post and today, we've been monitoring this station. In some occasion, datalogger started to show invalid readings the moment it turned on its GSM modem, enabling TCP Client communication.

nsw Apr 30, 2021 02:45 AM

You probably need to take this up with your local CS office for support

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